In 2019 I decided after being a longtime fan and being in the audience of TEDx talks, it was my time to shine and share my message to the world at TEDx Tilburg Connecting the Curious on Apr 6, in the LOC hal in Tilburg.


I have been a fan of TEDtalks for a long time and I have had the priviledge to be in the audience of several:

2019: TEDx Youth@Uden, Changing Perspectives

2014: TEDx Youthlaan (Breda), Be a Rebel

2013: TEDx Damlaan (Leidschendam) talk door Ad Vlems 'How to build an ecovillage on a fast flowing river'

2012: TEDx Stellenbosch (Zuid-Afrika) thema: What if Africa?

2011: TEDx Dordrecht thema: Sustainability, food and education & more