Together with Aboriginal Elder Walangari we will be recreating the iconography with children in Tilburg. And together with local landscape and land artists we will be creating an amazing Dreamtime Garden, a garden for contemplation and reconnection with nature.


We are proud to announce that:

From October 2-13 2019, the famous Aboriginal elder Walangari Karntawarra will be coming to Tilburg to share his songlines of the Dreamtime and perform: playing the didgeridoo, water dreaming body design and talk about Aboriginal rights. As you might know the live in 'Everywhen', where the past, present and future are one. As they live in 'a space or area' not so much driven by deadlines and time doesn't rule their daily being. It's fascinating and we can wait to share this with all of you.



We are currently preparing the programme and we would like to involve as many interested people as we can. So we will create and outstanding programme in Tilburg together. Also a study trip to Australia will be organised as a follow up of the project. If you would like to know more


Goal of Walangari's visit

The start of a longterm connecting between our region and Aboriginal heritage and to learn for eachother as much as we can.


Grant for Gemeente Tilburg

This project is made possible because of the 'Een wereld te Winnen'-grant that is made available by the municipality of Tilburg.


Yvette van Kempen
Tel. 06-43 43 64 26


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