My name is Yvette van Kempen, my life's moto that everyone knows me for is 'Connecting the Dots', I look at the world in possibilities and connections.

Since 2012 I have been working and living according to the 'The Golden Circle' of Simon Sinek. So this is where me and my business are at now, working from and with several projectpartners in Tilburg, Cluj (Romania), Saramacca (Surinam), Barcelona , Sierra Leone and Eastern Cape & Cape Town (South Africa).

Most of my resume you can find on LinkedIn.


People about me (in Dutch - NL)

I asked students in 2013 to help me visualise my talents and how I impacted peoples' lives. They interviewed people for this video, this is the result. Now 3 years later I am working on the sequal, that will be finished by Feb 5, 2016.


Personal history

I was born in 1975 at 5.30pm in Udenhout, a small village in the Netherlands, it was Halloween: 31st of October.  I was 13 when I fell ill, cause: bacterial infection, result: toxic shock, recovery: slowly, but well, after math: dealing with a near death experience (NDE) and being a teenagers going through puberty. The years after were about dealing with the fact 'that life can be over in the blink of eye', searching for that perfect feeling I experienced during my NDE and feeling very different from everyone else in my age group. As a result, I used my natural talent of being inquisitive to explore new ways to get my answers, thinking differently, always challenging the status quo, travelling the world to see, hear, feel, taste and experience that people my have different solutions for the same problem. But we all want one thing: to be loved, heard and seen and feel connected.


I have an amazing gift that I can intuitively 'connect the dots' in such a clear way and communicate this which such clarity, for anyone who resonates with 'my why'. My personal journey is to 'thrive a a human being' by doing what I love, doing what I am naturally good at and is a triple win (for me, others and the planet).


Work history

I went through kindergarden, primary and secondary school. After I had finish highschool and just before turning 19, I decided it was time to spread my wings and discover the world. I arranged for a working holiday visa van from October 1994 until March 1995 I worked, lived and travelled in Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia. The trip was a journey into myself, in the first 2 weeks five people had recommended the book the 'Celestine Prophecy' to me, so that became my bible for the next 5 months. When I returned I knew 2 things for sure: I wanted to explore the world some more and tourism was my way of achieving that.


I found a University that I could pass in two year, NHTV Kort-HBO and studied to become a Tour Manager. After an amazing and very demanding internship at Contiki Travel, guiding American children around Europe, I was hired by OAD to work as a hostess in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. It took me several month to discover that that would take me out into the world I was so curiously wanting to discover, so I quit and found a new job. FOX Vakanties hired me as a freelancer and I was on my way: Vietnam was my first destination. Many different touroperators and concepts to explore, I worked for De Boer & Wendel, Djoser and the one I remember most fondly was Summum Reizen. In about 5 years time I traveled to: Mexico, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Goa, Turkey, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Egypte, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and felt most at home in South Africa. That is where my heartbeat sync-d with the soil of Africa...


I wasn't time to settle down there yet, but it would be there waiting for me when I was. So I found a deskjob in Breda, back at my University, the NHTV and became an international internship coordinator. I had decided it was time for me to learn how to settle down a bit instead of becoming a drifter like some of my tourmanager-colleagues had become. Started Artschool in Breda at St. Joost, studying Graphic Design for two years. After which I got the opportunity to go and work for a tourism office  VisitDenmark in Leiden, being a pressoffcer, followed by an amazing time at VisitBritain, assisting with press  and I learned a lot about setting up big marketing-/communicationcampaigns.


Tried of travelling on public transport for over 3 hours a day, I launced my first managing job at the regional Library Midden-Brabant in my hometown Tilburg, at a cycling distance of 7 minutes one way! Managing the activity-team for 15 libraries. Wrong place, wrong person for the organisation at that time. So after 2 year I decides to start my own business InBeeld - visual communications.


My own business

I have been able to do many fun things during my time as an entrepeneur. I started a community of Spiritual entrepreneurs, founded a magazine called 'Bewust Leven, on consious living and my graphic design skills were being used in project for businesses that needs a businesscard, brochure or website. Since 2012 I have been working and living according to the 'The Golden Circle' of Simon Sinek. So this is where me and my business are at now, working from Oisterwijk, Barcelona and Cape Town.

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